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LeoBrila (3)


The one brilliant at agile method and tech stuff Flag: Spain on EmojiOne 4.0Flag: United States on EmojiOne

As an agile consultant, developer and tech entrepreneur, Leo has done it all: App development, leading tech teams, building tech companies from the ground up, getting investor excited and getting investors to BELIEVE in your vision. His input into your operation will get that machine well oiled and ready to print money. Get him involve to fast track your goals.

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 The one brilliant at mindfulness      Flag: Spain on EmojiOne 4.0Flag: United States on EmojiOne Flag: France on EmojiOne Flag: Portugal on EmojiOne

Luis has spent years exploring the practical applications of mindfulness as a catalyst for increased well-being and effective leadership. Either leading short sessions, or implementing the Search Inside Yourself Program -a two day immersive  session developed by Google, and backed by neuroscience-, he will help your team by reducing stress, improving focus, raising peak performance, and enhancing communication and collaborations skills.



The one brilliant at Retail Operations and Team RecruitingFlag: Italy on EmojiOne Flag: United States on EmojiOne

Luca (for shorts) is the professional that’s going to give your retail idea for the US market a real chance of succeeding: avoid the trail and error process, and bring this seasoned expert to show you the ropes. As a high responsibility executive for one of the biggest retail franchises in the country, and as an outstanding entrepreneur, Luca has built the experience¬† to make sure your vision comes to fruition.

Xiomara Brila


Our brilliant coach for LATAM executives Flag: Spain on EmojiOne 4.0

Xiomara’s work as an executive coach speaks volumes: in her 15+ years helping professionals and leaders, she has kept a busy coaching practice, achieving extraordinary results. Also, she has designed, implemented and led the instructional process of dozens of new coaches, who rely in her expertise to begin their careers. Xiomara will translate your (or your team’s) talent into brilliance fuel.